Chandies Canadian Made Compassion Candy Edibles (wholesale and retail), Because we Heart You

There's no shortage of edibles today in Canada and that makes quality a top priority
in choosing what's a great product for ourselves and customers of compassion shops around the Country.

Chandies! is a down to earth small distribution company that has taken a unique and hard to find quality product and established a way of getting it safely and reliably to the Compassion Club and Storefront establishment for sale to the medicinal user. 

Our philosophy is simple, to provide reliable access to a good quality product at a really great price.

Chandies! Compassion Candies are of consistent quality. After various taste and quality evaluations, quality testing, product breakdowns and months of sample distribution, we now offer distribution of this fine signature product.

Corn syrup, sugar, maltic acid, natural flavors/colors, mineral oil and soy lecithin. 

THC and other notables

80mg per 1 Chandies. Each Chandies is 1 Gram and may be split in half for those who prefer to use more sparingly. 

Good to know information about Chandies Compassion Candies

Chandies! are an excellent compassion product with benefits our users tell us about and fully appreciate daily. However, while a mild product, they should be considered a drug and taken with due respect and caution. Chandies!, like any compassion product are designed to produce an effect that does not mix with the use heavy equipment; instead take Chandies! when you have the opportunity to relax and allow for the full benefits.

The important facts about your conduct are this:

  • Do not operate heavy equipment, vehicles etc.
  • Respect your work environment, use Chandies! at home.
  • Take one Chandies! and allow an hour for the effects to settle before considering a second.
    New users may want to break one in half (or suck half and keep the rest for later)
  • Have food on hand. You don't want your Chandies! to be the only source of snack.
  • Do not drink and Chandie!. Period.
  • As with all medications, keep safe from children's access.

What they say...

"I bite mine in half, it's easy to do with the shape and they are just as great when a half candy" ~ Maria