How and Where to Purchase Your Chandies! Edible Pot Compassion Candies Made in Canada

Chandies! are an excellent product for the compassion user.

Order online or check your city for a retailer. Chandies ships next day via UPS ooe Fedex. You can add expedited, otherwise ground shipping is in place and your tracking number sent to the email address you included in your order. 

How to pay for your Chandies

As with any product, Chandies is shipped once the order is paid for. Currently Chandies can be purchased using Interac Email Money Transfer. The email address to send funds to is on the order form and you can choose your own security word. 

A Few Reminders

- Do not operate heavy equipment, vehicles etc.
- Respect your work environment, use Chandies! at home.
- Allow 4 hours for effects to settle before considering a second.
- New users: break one in half (and keep the rest for later)
- Have food and liquids on hand. 
- Do not drink and Chandie!. Period.
- As with all medications, keep safe from children's access.


What they say...

"Chandies are easily the best edible medicinal I ever had. They're now all I use; why waver" ~ Pat